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Bhuvan Shome

Direction: Mrinal Sen

Bhuvan Shome is a lonely widower, a proud old man and a disciplinarian. Looking back on the trodden path, strewn with staunch determination and drab attitudes, he takes a day off and walks into another world—a new world consisting of simple uninitiated village folk. There he rides a bullock cart, encounters a buffalo, and finally a village belle. A day’s exposure to a host of alien situations deepens his sense of loneliness. He realizes that he has no escape from the world which he has built for himself all these years.

Charulata/The Lonely Wife

Direction: Satyajit Ray

The film, based on Nastanirh (The broken Nest) by Rabindranath Tagore, is set Calcutta. Bengal Renaissance is at its peak and India is under the British rule. Charulata is the intelligent and beautiful wife of Bhupati, an upper class intellectual who runs a political newspaper. Charu is interested in the arts and literature. Though Bhupati loves his wife, he has no time for her. Bhupati invites Charu's brother Umapada and wife Manda to live with them. Manda is no company for the sensitive and intelligent Charulata. Amal, Bhupati's younger cousin comes on a visit. He provides Charu with intellectual companionship, resulting in an intimate relationship. Meanwhile, Umapada and Manda run away with Bhupati’s money. It destroys the newspaper. Bhupati tells Amal that only he can be trusted. Amal is overcome with guilt. He is also uncomfortable with Charu's higher intellect. He leaves unannounced. Bhupati finds Charu crying over Amal. Bhupati is broken and wanders aimlessly. On his return, the couple makes a hesitant gesture to reach out, but their extended hands remain frozen.

Garm Hava/Scorching Winds

Direction: M.S. Sathyu

Garm Hava is one of the most remarkable films made on partition. It is the story of a family headed by two brothers. While Salim takes care of the family business,
Halim is involved in politics. Salim has two sons: Baquar and Sikandar. His daughter Amina is engaged to Halim’s son Kazim. Halim quietly migrates to Pakistan with family contrary to what he had preached. Salim refuses to leave and is forced to vacate his house. Disillusioned, Baquar also migrates to Pakistan while Salim lives on as a petty shoemaker. Kazim is not able to return to India and Amina accepts the proposal of Shamshaad. However, Shamshaad too migrates to Pakistan and his marriage gets fixed there. Amina commits suicide. Salim is accused of acting as a Pakistani spy. He is shunned by people who were once close to him. Finally he decides to go to Pakistan,


Direction: Panthulu

Karnan is a 1964 film with Sivaji Ganesan in the lead while N. T. Rama Rao, Devika and Savitri play supporting roles. Karnan, a character from Mahabharata, is born to an unmarried mother Kunti who sets him afloat in the Ganga river to avoid ill name. The child is adopted by a charioteer. Karnan becomes a warrior and befriends Duryodhana, the Kaurava prince, eventually setting the initial grounds of the Kurukshetra war, where he will join Duryodhana to fight against his own step brothers, the Pandavas. Karnan, which was officially launched in 1963, was Sivaji Ganesan's costliest production. It was the first Tamil film to be shot in the palaces of Jaipur and the war sequences were filmed in Kurukshetra, which featured several soldiers from the Indian Army.


Direction: Kamal Swaroop

Om-Dar-Ba-Dar is a portrait of life in a mythical small town. The film tells the story of a young boy called Om in his carefree adolescence and its harsh disillusionments. The story starts like a comedy and ends like a thriller. Om has a rather strange family. His father Babuji, a government employee, leaves his job so that he can dedicate himself to astrology; Om’s older sister Gayatri is dating a good-for-nothing. Om is involved in science, but is also attracted to magic and religion. But it seems his really outstanding skill is his ability to hold his breath for a long time under water. The film is considered a pioneer in the Indian Avant Garde cinema and has become a cult classic with a section of viewers with its post modernist approach.
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