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Red Amnesia1 ATA Golden Era The Continent Uncle Victory Nezha

Red Amnesia / Chuang ru zhe

China / 116 min / 2014
Direction:Xiaoshuai Wang
In her modest Beijing apartment, a widow, Deng, receives anonymous phone calls, and strange things are happening to her. Is she delusional? Is the young boy (Shi Liu) who keeps crossing her path a real person, or a figment of her imagination? No less puzzled, her two sons – one married,and one gay – try to solve the mystery.


China / 92 min / 2014
Direction: Chakme Rinpoche
Tianyu is a sightless child who dreams about another life different from the disabled ping-pong champion career that his single mother is planning for him. He sees much more than what his mother imagines! When he vanishes one day, his mother is forced to look into his world of darkness. As she searches for him, she discovers how to listen and see.

The Golden Era / Huang jin shi dai

China/Hong Kong / 177 min / 2014
Direction: Ann Hui
“Golden Era” is an allusion to the short-lived “Republican era” that overlaps with the brief life of the protagonist, writer Xiao Hong she died of tuberculosis in 1942, when Japanese-occupied Hong Kong. These were exciting and turbulent times; China was opening up to foreign ideas and experimenting with modernity, arts and literature were blossoming – yet it was torn by civil war and the struggle between Chiang Kaishek’s Nationalists and the Communist Party led by Mao Zedong from his base in Yan’an.

The Continent

China / 105 min / 2014
Direction: Han Han
Three slackers leave their native Dongji Island to discover, nothing less than the Chinese continent. Stranded in the underdeveloped, most eastern island of China, they decide to take advantage of the re-assignment of their friend as a high-school geography teacher near the western border, to drive through China in Haohan’s car.

Uncle Victory

China / 105 min / 2014
Direction: Zhang Meng
A Man, who had gone to jail for 10 years. Released into a country he no longer recognizes anything around. He re-opens a kindergarten and gets into a relationship with a tough young woman.


China /98 min / 2014
Direction: Xiaofeng Li
In Daoist Mythology, Nezha was a boy hero who slayedthe son of the Dragon King and then committed suicide toavoid retaliation against his family. Li Xiaofeng’s first film reworks this beloved tale to ponder what it means to be a female warrior in a country wavering between tradition and modernity.

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