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Fourteen films from across the globe compete for the Golden Crow Pheasant Award.

101 Questions/101 Chodyangal

Direction: Sidhartha Siva

In a small town school when the midday meal is cancelled, a fifth standard student struggles to go to school. Meanwhile his teacher devices a plan where the child is made to frame 101 questions that would earn him Re 1 per question.


Direction: Adi Adwan

After a divorce, Yoseph returns to Druze village with his son and daughter only to face communal friction. Things take a plunge when his daughter Semadar meets the man of her dreams in this chaotic village.

Battle of Tabato,The

Guinea-Bissau |Portugal/83min
Direction: Joo Viana

Sepia toned visuals accompanied by unique story telling techniques, Battle Of Tabato is an account of the imperial legacy in Guinea-Bissau, Africa, a land where contemporary and conventions go hand in hand.

Capturing Dad/Chihi o tori ni

Direction: Ryota Nakano

Hazuki and Koharu are on a train journey with a camera between them. They are on their way to meet their father who had long left them for another woman. They are sent by their mother to click a picture of their father in his deathbed.

Club Sandwich

Direction: Fernando Eimbcke

Club Sandwich is the tale of a single mother who witnesses the growing up of her child. Taking advantage of the off season they are on a vacation trip at a near by hotel when the kid falls for a girl staying in the same hotel.


Direction: Adilkhan Yerzhanov

Three young kids are forced to vacate their house when they repeatedly fail to pay the rent. Together they set a camp in a far off plot and start constructing a home


Direction: Ivan Vescovo


Direction: Isabel Muoz

When Lucia runs into her ex boyfriend in a hospital emergency room only to find him sick, she leaves behind the hurt from the past and devotes herself entirely to nurse him.

Jonathas' Forest

Direction: Srgio Andrade

Jonathas sells fruits in a roadside stall along with his parents. One day he meets an Ukrainian tourist who charms him into an adventurous journey in the forest.

Master of the Play,The /Kaliyachan

Direction: Farook Abdul Rahiman

Based on a poem, Kaliyachan unearths the inner conflicts within the mind of a Kathakali artist. It offers a glimpse into the chaotic mind of a creative person.

Meghe Dhaka Tara

Direction: Kamaleswar Mukherjee

Meghe Dhaka Tara inspired by Ritwik Ghatak chronicles the life of Nilakantha and the time when he was confined to a mental asylum.


Direction: Majid Barzegar

Life has turned upside down for a fifty year old unmarried man when he is chucked out of his home as his father decides to remarry.

So be it/Astu

Direction: Sumitra Bhave|Sunil Sukthankar

A daughter struggles to take care of her father after he has lost his memory. And then one day he goes missing.

Story Teller/ Meddah

Direction: Batur Emin Akyel

The story of an actor who is no longer in demand. He now earns a living by telling stories in various malls and cafes until the day he decides to take a last trip with a theatre company.

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