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Bopem /Bopem

Kazakhsitan/2015/Colour/77’/ Kazakh

Director: Zhanna Issabayeva

The film depicts the story of a 14 year old lad, lives alone near a dried Aral Sea, who lost his mother in a car accident happened right in front of him. Rayan also witnessed the death of the Aral Sea which was his favorite hangout place. Rayan is missing his mother and when he goes to the beach. Later he had to fought with his illness while he retaliate his mother’s death and decided to start a n endless journey in a rotten ship in the Aral Sea.

Clarisse or Something About us / Clarisse ou alguma cois sobre nos dois

Brazil / 2015 / Colour / 85’ / Portuguese

Director: Petrus Cariry

The dry quarry and a forest that still beats. A very sick father reviews the daughter. Resentments are brought to the table. The memory of the dead awakened by blood, objects, shadows and dreams affects Clarisse at this scenario of beauty and agony.

Entanglement / Dolanma


Director: TUNÇ Davut

As woodsmen, brothers KEMAL and CEMAL struggle with an uncertain future.Kemal has always been a father to his brother. NALÂN, arrives one day with Kemal, and adopts the house as her own. Her presence soothes Cemal, who's shaken by his mother’s death.



Direction, Screenplay & Production Zhanna Issabayeva Cinematography Michael Blintsov
Editing & Sound
Azamat Altybassov
Music Cast Ruslan Abibullayev, Bekarys Abdigappar, Aikyn Kalykov, Almagul Alisheva, Raikhan Aitkozhaeva
Direction, Cinematography Petrus Cariry
Screenplay Petrus Cariry, Firmino Holanda, Rosemberg Cariry Production Barbara Cariry Editing Firmino Holanda, Petrus Cariry Music Herlon Robson
Erico Paiva
Sabrina Greve, Everaldo Pontes, Veronica Cavalcanti, David Wendefilm
Direction, Screenplay Tunc Davut
Production Sinem Altindag
Cinematography Ilker Berke
Editing MesutUlutas, Tunc Davut, Omer Gunuvar
Music Murat Asil
Sound Burak Topalakci
Cast Muhammet Uzuner, Defne Halman, Baran Sukru Babacan

Immortal / Mamiroo


Director: Hadi Mohaghegh

Ayaz, a lonely seventy-year-old man, detests his life. He's constantly in search of ways of ending his life.
Some years back, on the way back from a family wedding party, the minibus which he was driving, falls in the bottom of a valley.

Jalal's Story / Jalaler Golpo

Bangladesh/2014/108’/Colour/ Bengali

Director: Abu Shahed Emon

Like Moses on the Nile, an infant floats along the river, adopted in turn by Miraj, Karim, Sajib, each who abandon the boy at various stages of his life.From innocent to gangster, Jalal’s journey proves he is truly a child of the river.

Murder in Pacot / Meurtre à Pacot

Haiti-France-Norway/2014/ Colour/130’/French-Haitian

Director: Raoul Peck

After the terrible January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a privileged couple struggles to reinvent a life amid the rubbles of their villa in Port-au-Prince's upscale neighborhood of Pacot. Destitute and in desperate need for money to repair their home, the couple decides to rent the remaining habitable part of the villa to Alex, a high-level foreign relief worker, who brings Jennifer, aka Andrémise, his Haitian girlfriend, a sassy and ambitious young woman.


Direction, Screenplay Hadi Mohaghegh
Production Reza Mohaghegh
Cinematography Roozbeh Rayga Editing Majid Barzegar
Sound Arash Ghasemi
Cast Yadolah shadmani, Meysam Farhomand
Direction, Screenplay Abu Shahed Emon Production Faridur Reza, Ebne Hasan Khan
Md. Barkat Hossain Editing Abu Shahed Emon Music Chirkutt Band
Ripon Nath
Cast Mosharraf Karim, Mousumi Hamid, Arafat Rahman, Tauquir Ahmed, Shormy Mala, Mohammad Emon, Kazi Rakib, Fazlul Haque, Nur E Alam Noyon, Mitali Das, Ahmed Gias, H.M Akter
Direction Raoul Peck
Production Remi Grellety, Raoul Peck
Raoul Peck, Lyonel Trouillot, Pascal Bonitzer Cinematography Eric Guichard
Editing Alexandra Strauss
Sound Eric Boisteau, Benjamin Laurent
Music Alexei Aigui
Cast Alex Descas, Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin, Thibault Vincon, Lovely Kermonde Fifi

No Woman's Land / Raj Kahini


Director: Srijit Mukherji

No Woman’s Land or Rajkahini is the story of a whorehouse which fell on this Line, and how Begum Jaan, the owner of the whorehouse, along with her army of whores, resists both the government's effort to raze down their house to build a border of barbed wires and fights


Shadow Behind the Moon / Anino Sa Likod NG Buwan

Philippines/2015/Colour/121’/ Tagalog

Director: Jun Robles Lana

A one-take chamber drama that follows the friendship of a military man and a married couple as they examine and live out the horrors of armed conflict.


The Black Hen / Kalo Pothi


Director: Min Bahadur Bham

We are in the year 2001, a temporary ceasefire brings a much-needed break to a small war-torn village in Northern Nepal, bringing much joy among the residents. Prakash and Kiran, two young close friends, are also starting to feel the change in the air. Though they are divided by caste and social creed, they remain inseparable, and start raising a hen given to Prakash by his sister, with hopes to save money by selling her eggs. However, the hen goes missing. To find it, they embark on a journey, innocently unaware of the tyranny brought by the fragile ceasefire

Direction, Screenplay Srijit Mukherji
Production Shrikant Mohta, Mahendra Soni
Cinematography Avik Mukhopadhay
Editing Pronoy Dasgupta, Srijit Mukherji
Cast Rituparna Sengupta
Direction, Screenplay Jun Robles Lana
Production Ferdinand Lapuz Cinematography Carlo Mendoza Editing Lawrence Ang
Sound MikeIdioma
Cast LJ Reyes, Luis Alandy, Anthony Falcon
Direction Min Bahadur Bham Screenplay Min Bahadur Bham, Abinash Bikram Shah Production Min Bahadur Bham, Tsering Rhitar Sherpa Cinematography Aziz Zhambakiyev Editing Aziz Zhambakiyev, Nimesh Shrestha Sound Bipon Stahpit Music Jason Kunwor Cast Khadka Raj Nepali, Sukra Raj Rokaya, Jit Bahadur Malla, Hansha Khadka, Benisha Hamal

The Painted House / Chaayam Poosiya Veedu


Director: Satish & Santosh Babusenan

Gautam is a lonely writer, a man imprisoned by his own ‘good’ ideas about himself. One day, Vishaya and Rahul come calling. And everything Gautam believes about himself is shaken. His life will never be the same again.

The Trap / Ottaal


Director: Jayaraj R

Ottaal (The Trap) is an adaptation of one of Anton Chekhov’s timeless works, Vanka. A story of the 18th century, but one that has travelled the time and space to be retold in the present day at a small village in the South of India.

The Violin Player / The Violin Player


Director: Bauddhayan Mukherji

The Violin Player is the story of one day in the life of a Bollywood session violinist who finds expression in an unlikely place. The day unfolds to reveal startling truths about music, art, life and survival.

Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography Satish & Santosh Babusenan
Production Santosh Babusenan
Editing Vijil FX
Sound Anand Babu
Music Santhosh K
Cast Kaladharan K, Neha Mahajan, Akram Mohammed
Direction Jayaraj
Joshy Mangalath, Jayaraj
Production Mohan K
Radhakrishnan M J
Ajithkumar B
Kavalam Narayana Panicker, Sreevalsan J Menon Sound Radhakrishnan S, Sinoy Joseph
Shine Tom Chacko, Vasudevan Kumarakom, Ashanth K Sha, Sabitha Jayaraj
Direction, Screenplay Bauddhayan Mukherji
Production Monalisa Mukherji
Cinematography Avik Mukhopadhyay
Editing Arghyakamal Mitra
Arnab Chakraborty, Bhaskar Dutta
Sound Abhijeet Roy
Cast Ritwick Chakraborty, Adil Hussain

Yona / Yona

Israel /2014/Colour/100’/Hebrew

Director: Nir Bergman

The film depicts the life story of legendary Israeli poet Yona Wallach.


Project of the Century / La obra del siglo

Argentina, Cuba, Germany, Switzerland/2015/100’/Spanish

Director: Carlos Machado Quintela

Tale of a Cuban family sharing disappointments, versus the endless possibilities that could have been, unmistakably demonstrates the frustrations and hardships people from different generations face while living in emotional and financial isolation

Direction Nir Bergman
Production Chilik Michaeli, Michael Eckelt, Tami Leon, Avraham Pirchi, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery
Screenplay Dita Guery, Nir Bergman
Cinematography Lutz Reitemeier
Editing Ayala Bengad
Music Avi Belleli
Sound Steffen Graubaum, Shelly Bar-On
Naomi Levov, Shalom Michaelashvili, Itamar Rothchild, Michael Moshonov
Direction Carlos Machado Quintela
Production Natacha Cervi, Pablo Chernov, Hernan Musaluppi
Screenplay Abel Arcos, Carlos Quintela Cinematography Marcos B Bohorquez Editing Yan Vega
Music Vicente Rojas
Cast Mario Balmaseda, Leonardo Gascon, Mario Guerra

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