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Yozgat Blues

Turkey- Germany/ 93 min / 2013
Direction:Mahmut Fazil Cozkun
Yavuz (58) sings popular songs from the ’70s, but his career is fast declining: His wife’s death has left him a complete loner and he has had no other relationships since. Neşe (30) is one of Yavuz’s students from the municipality courses She has a good voice and a genuine interest in music, but is condemned by her poor background to earning a living through menial work.

Night of Silence / Lal gece

Turkey / 92 mins / 2012
Direction: Reis Celik
In a remote Anatolian village an ancient blood feud between two families has been finally put to rest and a marriage arranged to seal the union. The groom has spent many years in prison and has never met his teenage bride. On their wedding night there are customs and rituals to be observed but the events in this bridal chamber become ever stranger as the claustrophobic night reaches a shattering conclusion. A sensitively told tale with two brilliant performances at its heart.

I am Not Him / Ben o degilim

Turkey-Greece-Germany / 125 min / 2014
Direction: Tayfun Pirselimoglu
Nihat, an introverted employee in a hospital cafeteria, is confused by
Ayşe, a mysterious woman who just started working there as a
dishwasher. Her obvious seductive approaches embarrass Nihat and make him nervous at the same time. Despite the rumors about her husband having been sentenced to many years in jail, Nihat reluctantly accepts Ayşe’s invitation to dinner at her house. This is the beginning of a strange and dangerous liaison. When Nihat discovers a picture of the woman’s husband and realizes that he looks astoundingly like him, the relation becomes even more toxic.

Majority / Çogunluk

Turkey / 111 min / 2010
Direction: Seren Yüce
Mertkan works so hard at upholding his image as a free wheeling young man with no responsibilities that he has lost interest in pretty much everything: cruising the malls with his friends, smoking in his dad’s SUV or working for his father’s business all bore him equally. He feels no need to plumb for any meaning in life or any inkling of a professional calling. When he meets Gül, a young woman putting herself through university by working as a waitress, Mertkan seems poised to break out of his empty routine.


Turkey- Germany / 97 min / 2014
Direction: Kaan Mujdeci
Sivas features the story of Aslan, an eleven-year-old boy, and Sivas,
a weathered fighting dog who develop a strong relationship after Aslan finds Sivas wounded in a ditch, left to die. Meanwhile, a school play dominates the background as Aslan is disappointed in losing the role of the prince to Osman, his rival-in-love and son of the village head. While Osman gets ahead in the two boys’ race to win the hand of Ayse, the “princess” of the village, Aslan tries to impress her with his newfound friend.

Come to My Voice / Were Dengê Min

Turkey-France-Germany / 105 min / 2014
Direction: Huseyin Karabey
In a snowy Kurdish mountain village, in the east of Turkey, an old woman Berfé and her young granddaughter Jiyan are troubled when the only man in the household, Temo, the son of one and the father of the other, is arrested and taken into custody by the local gendarmerie. The Commanding Officer has got the information that the villagers are hiding guns from them. It is announced that all the men in the village will be kept arrested until their families give up and hands over the guns they are hiding. But the real trouble is there are no guns, at least to the knowledge of these two blameless women. With all desperation and desolation, Berfé and Jiyan will have to embark on a long journey in search of a gun which they could exchange for their beloved Temo. But how will their innocence and naivety find a way out of a system that will, by and by, pull them into the sullied world of an interminable conflict

Pandora's Box / Pandora'nin kutusu

Turkey-France-Germany /112 min / 2008
Direction: Yesim Ustaoglu
Two sisters and a brother live in the center of Istanbul today. They are in their thirties and forties, and lead very different lives, self centered on their upper – middle class preoccupations. One day, a phone call brings them together on a voyage through Turkey’s suburbs and villages to the small town in the Black Sea mountains where they were born. Their aged mother, Nusret, has disappeared. As the siblings start reminiscing about her, the tensions between them quickly become apparent; like a Pandora’s box which is spilled open, all the unresolved disputes are scattered around. Old wounds are opened up again.

A Fair Ground Attraction

Turkey / 113 min / 2007
Direction: Mehmet Eryilmaz
This is the bitter and brief story of two desperate lovers that takes
place on a fairground. The story of Cemal, a layman working at the construction site near the fairground, and of Necla, a wandering chanteuse reciting at the tents of any fairground. Both incapable of settling down. Both living life like a rolling stone, wandering where ever the wind may blow. Although it looks like a fun and magnificent way of life, working on the fairground is certainly not what it seems … Fairgrounds are a cultural heritage that are, like most medieval crafts, leading to near extinction. Consequently creating compulsive and unstable relations between those who are tormented within the process. The film subliminally portrays the decay of the fairgrounds' economic ecosystem, which in turn is the essence of the misery and pain of these two people, who are obsessively in love
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