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Five Lithuanian films and two Myanmar films in the Country Focus.


Lithuania/ Colour / 109 mins /Lithuanian / 2013
Director: Ignas Jonynas

Vincentas is an intelligent paramedic, a man good at his job and popular among his colleagues. He is compassionate to the people he cares for. However, he is also a passionate gambler which get him to serious troubles. He is eventually forced to make a radical decision in an attempt to repay his debts. Striking upon an idea to create an illegal game around his profession, he hopes he could relate it to his profession. But a decision that he hopes will provide a route out of debt in turn ends up putting much more than money at stake.


Soviet Union/ Black & white / 71 mins /Lithuanian /1969
Director: Arunaz Zebriunas

The Beautiful Girl is the story of a sensitive yet impish young girl who is elected beauty queen by her playmates, and thus becomes convinced of her own good looks till a strange boy appears to shatter her self-image by announcing that she isn’t pretty at all. In the struggle to regain her equilibrium, the little girl, played seductively by 10-year-old Inga Mickyte of Kaunas takes us through meditations on loneliness, love, and the true nature of beauty. Through the eyes of The Beautiful Girl, director Zebriunas plays out complex human issues with moving simplicity.

FEELINGS / Jausmai

Soviet Union / Black & white /90 mins/ Lithuanian / 1968
Director: Algirdas Dausa

The Second World War is ending. Widower Kasparas moves in with his brother Andrius, who lives on the other side of the bay where the German occupation has already ended. Andrius’ wife Egne is still in love with Kasparas. Her relatives and a group of Lithuanian nationalists are planning on fleeing to Sweden. Egne persuades her husband that they should all go together, hoping to once again regain Kasparas’ affection after crossing the sea. But Kasparas opts to return home and border guards detain Andrius. Nine long years pass before the brothers see each other again.


Gambler, The


Lithuania / Colour/ 84 mins / Lithuanian / 2008
Director: Kristina Buozyte

Following a traumatic experience, Gaile, a speech therapist, is incapable of feeling any emotion. However, while preparing a video presentation for a scientific conference, she sees herself on screen and is surprised to find suppressed sensations returning to her, primarily feelings of aggression. Gaile decides to try an experiment. With the help of a man and his video camera she stages various provoking situations and shows the result to those involved. Throughout the experience she is unable to perceive the value of normal emotions, or even the possibility that someone may have feelings for her.

Silver Crane award, Lithuania, Best Film
Baltic Film Festival-Best Director - Kinoshok
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival


Lithuania / Colour / 210 mins / Lithuanian/Russian / 2013
Director: Audrius Juzenas

The story of a ten year old girl who escapes from a deportee train and goes on a 6000 km long journey back to her homeland. One of the most ambitious Lithuanian productions of recent years, The Excursionist is an inspiring true story taken from a dark period in the nation’s history. After World War II, Europe was divided in two parts and the state of Lithuania found itself on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain. In the 1950s, under the yoke of Stalinism, hundreds of thousands of Lithuanians were deported to gulags in the Soviet Union. Marija, an orphaned eleven-year-old girl, escapes from a transport train and sets out on a 6,000-mile trek back home, posing as a Russian and keeping her true identity secret in the face of suspicion and cruelty.


Red Cotton Silk Flower/ Let Pan

Myanmar / 2012 / Burmese
Director: Wyne

Yarzar Kyaw and Ma Hni were lovers. They got seperated as Yarzar Kyaw told Ma Hni to abort their child as he had to marry the woman whom his parents arranged for him. After so many years, Dr. Yarzar Kyaw was introduced to a girl, Lett Pann, through his friend’s daughter PhyuPhyu. He came to know that she was his daughter after donating his blood when Lett Pann had an accident, but he dared not let her know the truth. Dr. Yarzar Kyaw was injured while trying to save Lett Pann from being raped. Lett Pann came to nurse Dr. Yarzar Kyaw and while doing so, she heard Dr. Yarzar Kyaw murmuring and apologizing Ma Hni to forgive him in his sleep. When she tried to kill Dr. Yarzar Kyaw, he told her he would kill himself instead of her, as he didn’t want his own daughter to conduct a bad deed upon her own father. When she arrived back home, after reading her late mother’s letter, Lett Pann forgave her father.

Successer of the Merit

Myanmar/150 mins /Burmese
Director: Shwe PyiKadone

12 year old Arr Thit is from a very rich family but he is not interested in a materialistic life. He gets inspired by his grandmother’s religious beliefs and decides to become a novice.



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