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Raymond Phanathavirangon is a champion of Filipino cinema and he has curated this section which comprises of New Asian films that deal with day to day themes of contemporary life. Raymond has also been associated with the Torronto Film Festival. 

Ilo Ilo

Direction:Anthony Chen
Teresa, a Filipino maid arrives at a Singapore household in late 90s. Ilo Ilo chronicles her bond with the family and throws light on the jealousy of a mother when her younger son gets too close to the new maid. And then the Asian recession hits!

Longing for the Rain/Chunmeng

China|Hong Kong/95min/2013
Direction: Tian-yi Yang
Fang Lie is like any other housewife until she is haunted by a man in her dreams. Afraid of losing her sanity she runs to a monk for help but losing this man is more harrowing than she ever imagined it would be.

Tang Wong

Direction: Kongdej Jaturanrasamee
Different reasons bring four young boys before the Luang Poo idol at the spirit house. Yong and Jay want to excel in their science competition, Best wants to make it to the ping pong team and Em desperately wants to win back his ex girlfriend.

Trap Street/Ulica pulapka

Direction: Vivian Qu
Li Qiuming has stumbled upon a secluded street and a mysterious woman while at his job at the Digital MApping company. In his desperate attempts to seek this girl he unravels the secret behind this vanishing street.

What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love /
Yang tidak dibicarakan ketika

Direction:Mouly Surya
Set in Indonesia the film follows a set of young students from a visually impaired school who like most teenagers are jumbled in innocent love and new-found ambitions.

When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep/
Nan Fang Xiao Yang Mu Chang

Direction: Hou Chi-jan
An out and out RomCom retold in unique style, 'When a wolf falls in love with a sheep' is a feel-good movie where two quaint eccentrics fall in love.
Mr Noah Cowan, Artistic Director, TIFF Bell Lightbox,Toronto, was the  first to commission Meenakshi Shedde to curate ‘Indian Expressionism’ for TIFF Bell Lightbox in 2012. Now she turns curator again with IFFK in this section called ‘Expressionism—the Indo-German Connect’ .

Amrit Manthan /The Churning of the Oceans

Direction: Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram
When a progressive Hindu king bans animal sacrifice, he is opposed by a wicked priest, which leads to a series of deadly palace intrigues. In this film, V Shantaram employs German techniques like deep shadows and a telephoto lens.

Blue Angel ,The /
Der Blaue Engel

Direction: Josef von Sternberg
A professor by profession, Immaunel Ruth had a predictable lifestyle until the night he decided to trail his students to a dance club, The Blue Angel. Life takes a turn when Immanuel is tempted to visit the nightclub over and again, in search of Lola, a young dancer.

Indian Tomb,The/
Das indische Grabmal

Direction: Richard Eichberg
Based on a novel by the same name, The Indian Tomb is the second part of the film ‘The Tiger of All Law’. This film takes us through exotic locations of India meanwhile portraying the journey of the Maharaja and the Prince who are in search of Sitha and Sascha.

Light of Asia/Prem Sanyas

India|Germany/97min /1925
Direction: Franz Osten/Himansu Rai
The first ever Indo-German film, Light of Asia throws light on the life and times of the religious epic icon, Gautam Buddha. Shot in documentary style, the film also offers a glimpse of 1920’s Bombay through the eyes of a tourist.

Mahal / Palace

Direction: Kamal Amrohi
Hari Shankar comes to stay in an old mansion, and is surprised to discover that he resembles the portrait of the house’s late previous owner. Mahal was India's first noir reincarnation love story

Tiger of Eschnapur,The/
Der Tiger von Eschnapur

Direction: Fritz Lang
Harold Berger, who built numerous buildings for the Maharaja sets foot in India. On his way to the palace Harold chivalrously saves a Princess Sita from a Tiger. Der Tiger von Eschnapur is an adventurous tale of forbidden love.

Ilo Ilo

Direction:Anthony Chen

Longing for the Rain/Chunmeng

China|Hong Kong/95min/2013
Direction: Tian-yi Yang

Tang Wong

Direction: Kongdej Jaturanrasamee

Trap Street/Ulica pulapka

Direction: Vivian Qu

What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love /
Yang tidak dibicarakan ketika

Direction:Mouly Surya

When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep/
Nan Fang Xiao Yang Mu Chang

Direction: Hou Chi-jan

Black Forest

Direction: Joshy Mathew


Direction: Santosh Sivan


Direction: Nagraj Manjule

Lessons in Forgetting

Direction:Unni Vijayan

Lunch Box,The/Dubba

Direction:Ritesh Batra

Pappilio Buddha

Direction: Jayan Cherian

Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost

Direction:Anup Singh


Direction: Buddhadev Dasgupta


Direction: Nagraj Manjule
Ann Marie Stock, is the author of the book 'On Location in Cuba' which is about Street filmmaking. In this section in IFFK Ann MArie has handpicked some how the finest Latin American films. 

All About the Feathers/ Por las plumas

Costa Rica/2013
Direction:Neto Villalobos
All About the Feathers is a deadpan comedy, a story about the odd ways
that a friendship blooms between a man and his new pet rooster who is forever with him.

Clandestine Childhood

Direction: Benjamin Avila/
Set in 1979 during Argentina’s military dictorship, Benjamin Avila’s semi-autobiographical memoir follows the travails of a fifth grader who is forced to live under an assumed identity in order to protect his resistance-fighter parents

El emigrante

Costa Rica/15min/2013
Direction: Mario Cardona
Omar is running away from something that was about to happen. In the middle of his desperation, he will meet Julia. Julia, without even knowing, will face with him the revelation of his tragedy

Lake Tahoe

Direction:Fernando Eimbcke
Juan has barged his car into a post, and he is on the search for a spare part. As the day unfolds, Juan understands that there are things that are as inevitable and inexplicable as death.

Long Distance/ Larga Distancia

Direction:Esteban Insausti
On her 35th birthday Ana realizes that she has lost all her friends because The Special Period crisis in Cuba. To console herself, she spends an evening reinventing the best of her past life.

Mole's Hideout, The/La Guarida del Topo

Direction: Alfredo Ureta
Daniel is forced to give overnight shelter to Anna, his neighbor's niece. The need for affection and human warmth of these two injured people will emerge, turning into a romance. But what when Anna's husband returns?

Red Princesses/Princesas Rojas

Costa Rica/100min/2013
Direction:Laura Astorga
Claudia is eleven years old and has always played the game of being a revolutionary. When her family moves from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, in the middle of the Sandinist Revolution, politics turn out not to be such a
funny game.

Wind Journeys, The/Los viajes del viento

Direction: Ciro Guerra
After the death of his wife, Ignacio travels to the northern edge of the
country, to return a cursed accordion to the man who gave it to
him, his teacher and mentor.
With the support of the Japan Foundation, IFFK presents for your viewing pleasure a set of seven classic Samurai films from the 1950s and 60s. 

Actor's Revenge, An/Revenge of a Kabuki Actor

Direction: Kon Ichikawa
Yukinojo (Kasuo Hasegawa) is a talented kabuki actor who specializes in playing female roles. An actor's revenge tells the story of Yukinojo taking revenge on Three men who are responsible for the death of a seven-year-old

Crucified Lovers,The/Chikamatsu monogatari

Direction:Kenji Mizoguchi
Chikamatsu Monogatari tells the hauntingly tragic story of a forbidden love affair between a merchant’s wife, Osan, and her husband’s employee, Mohei in an era when the punishment for betrayal was crucifixion.

Fight,Zatoichi,Fight / Zatoichi kessho-tabi

Direction: Kenji Misumi
Fight Zatoichi Fight tells the story of a blind swordsman/masseuse who has witnessed the murder of a young woman. He then goes on a journey to deliver her child to her father.

Great Killing, The/Dai satsujin

Direction: Eiichi Kudô
The Great Killing tells the story of a Shogunate Elder who connives to rule Japan by making his puppet, the Shogun’s brother Tsunashige, the next Shogun. A cynical samurai is the sole survivor to assassinate the puppet villain.

Love for a Mother/In Search of Mother/Mabuta no haha

Direction: Tai Katô
The film tells the story of an itinerant gambler who wanders around the countryside and city looking for his long-lost mother

Scar Yosaburo

Direction: Daisuke Ito
The film follows Yosaburo who is brutally bashed by a band of yakuza ruffians after he is caught with the gang boss’s mistress. Yosabura then falls for a young noblewoman and the struggle to fend off attacks from gangs and the police.

Tokijiro of Kutsukake /Kutsukake Tokijiro - yukyo ippiki

Direction: Tai Katô
Tokijiro of Kutsukake tells the story of Tokijiro who has the unfortunate ‘giri’ (duty) according to the code of the gamblers to join in the fighting when afforded a night’s stay and meals at the home of a town boss.
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