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Age of Panic / La Bataille de Solferino

France/ Colour / 94 min / French / 2013
Direction:Justine Triet
May 6, 2012. Cable news reporter Laetitia is covering the French presidential elections, while Vincent, her ex-husband, demands to see their two young daughters. Just as Laetitia goes live from Francois Hollande’s mobbed campaign offices, she learns Vincent has already wheedled his way into her apartment. It's a manic Sunday in Paris: two agitated girls, a frazzled babysitter, a needy new boyfriend, a grumpy lawyer and France cut in half!

Bright Days Ahead / Les Beaux Jours

France / Colour / 94 min / French / 2013
Direction: Marion Vernoux
Bright Days Ahead is a tender and frank romantic comedy about taking control and enjoying life at any age – even if it means breaking the rules and subverting expectations.
When Caroline (Fanny Ardant) retires she finds that her newfound freedom quickly turns to boredom. Taking the plunge and joining a seniors’ club, she strikes up a relationship with a young computer science teacher and local ladies’ man, Julien (Laurent Lafitte), who is half her age. This soon turns into a passionate amour fou, complicated by their age difference, Caroline’s marriage and Julien’s string of other lovers.

Grand Central

France- Austria / Colour / 94 min / French / 2013
Direction: Rebecca Zlotowski
Gary is young, agile, a quick learner. He's one of those who have never been promised anything. After a succession of odd jobs, he's taken on at a nuclear power plant. There, amongst the reactors and their high doses of radioactivity, he finally finds what he's been looking for: money, a team, a family. But the team also includes Karole, Toni's wife, with whom he falls in love. Forbidden love and radiation slowly contaminate Gary. Each day is menacing.
The nuclear plant itself ― a real, decommissioned nuclear facility in Austria commandeered for the shoot ― becomes virtually a living, breathing character. Under Zlotowski’s watchful eye, with much time devoted to day-to-day particulars, the film tells you how the seemingly ironclad rules can be bent by those clever or desperate enough to do so. Together with cinematographer George Lechaptois, Zlotowski creates a series of striking visual contrasts, shooting in smooth, almost clinical HD for the plant interiors and denser, more lyrical 35mm for all other scenes

Love Battles / Mes Seances de Lutte

France / Colour / 103 min / French / 2013
Direction: Jacques Doillon
A nameless couple meet. The woman has returned to her village following the death of her father, where she meets a man who spends his days farming and writing. Every encounter between the two culminates in the need for them to confront each other physically. The man and woman embark on a playful exploration which becomes increasingly sophisticated as it develops. A form of struggle sets in and each fights with their own weapons.

Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas

France- Germany / Colour / French / 2013
Direction: Arnaud Des Pallieres
Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas explores the high cost of vengeance. With the age of feudalism in decline, Europe rests at a tense crossroads between the old world and the new. Respected, well-to-do horse merchant Michael Kohlhaas is a loving husband and family man leading a peaceful existence, until a ruthless nobleman steals his horses, setting off a chain of irreversible events.
Filled with gorgeous widescreen cinematography, Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and stands tall as a powerful cinematic adaptation of a classic of German romanticism.

Just a Sigh / Le Temps de L'Aventure

France-Belgium-Ireland/ Colour / 105 min / French-English / 2013
Direction: Jerome Bonnell
A day. A train. Two strangers.Exchanged glances, accelerated heartbeats.
In the short break between performances in Calais, stage actress Alix, played by the stunning Emmanuelle Devos, makes a quick escape to Paris. On the train, she meets a mysterious English stranger. Though they only have a brief exchange when he asks for directions, she remains intrigued by him. Drawn toward him, she follows him, loves him, for a few hours, before facing what could be a new life.

The Nun/ La Religieuse

France-Belgium-Germany / Colour / 100 min’ / French
Direction: Guillaume Nicloux
Adapted from Diderot’s eponymous novel, The Nun tells the story
Of a woman trying to resist imposed religious values, revealing the
Dehumanizing effect of cloistered life.

France, in the 1760s. Born to a bourgeois family, Suzanne (Pauline Etienne) is a beautiful young girl with a natural talent for music. She is shocked when her parents send her off to a convent, expecting her to become a nun. Suzanne first resists the rules of the convent, but soon finds out that she is an illegitimate child, leaving her no other option than to pronounce her vows and suffer the consequences of her mother’s sin..
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