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Seven films will be screened in IFFK-2014 in the Indian Cinema Today section. This will give the audience an oppurtunity to watch the current developments in Indian cinema.
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Bengali /109 min / 2014
Direction: Manoj Michigan

A troubled psychiatrist, a helpful police inspector and a sinister serial killer. 89 is a saga of obsession, hatred, mind games and numbers..numbers from the past…that journeys through trauma, psychological warfare, murders and finally retribution.

1000 Rupee Note / Ek Hazarachi Note

Marathi / 89 min / 2014
Direction:Shrihari Sathe

During a political rally in a small village in Maharashtra Budhi, a poor old woman receives a largess of several 1000 Rupee notes from a politician. She goes shopping to the nearby market town with her neighbour but fate has other plans for them.

Blemished Light / Dagh Ujala

English, Hindi / 102 min / 2014
Direction: Raj Amit Kumar

A Muslim fundamentalist in New York kidnaps a liberal Muslim scholar with intent to kill.A closeted lesbian in New Delhi kidnaps her activist bisexual lover with intent to marry.The resulting torture and violence evokes brutal struggle of identity.

Gour Hari Dastaan-The Freedom File

Hindi / 104 min / 2014
Direction: Ananth Narayan Mahadevan

Biopic of Gour Hari Das,the freedom fighter who spent the best years of his childhood fighting for India's independence and the rest of his life for an identity and a freedom fighter's certificate.The film mirrors the politics of a flawed nation.

Myth of Kleopatra

Hindi,English / 125 min / 2014
Direction: M. Adeyapartha Rajan

MYTH OF KLEOPATRA is a collage of three tragic stories. This movie depicts the journey of three woman who share the same name Kleopatra, where their life comes into a shocking twist of fate conflicting with crime, compassion and punishment.

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum

Tamil / 102 min / 2014

Direction: Arunkumar S.U

Back inthe 1980's driving a car was a luxury and a status symbol in some of the small towns of Tamil Nadu. It is a poignant tale of a fading Landlord and his relationship with a car.

The Tale Of Nayanchampa / Nayanchampar din ratri

Bengali / 156 min / 2013
Direction:Sekhar Das

The story revolves around 'Nayanchampa',a middleaged lady who travel around 8 hours a day to come to the city to serve different households as domestic help and return to their village home in the night. The film records one day journey of her life.
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