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A line up of eminent award winning films of Xie Fei , Sumitra Bhave, Reis Celik wiil be screened in this section.

A Girl from Hunan/Xiang nu Xiao Xiao

China / Colour / 100 min / Mandarin / 1986

Direction:Xie Fei
The film deals with the extraordinary tradition, of marrying a young woman to a child husband. Xiao Xaio, herself only twelve years old, is married to a two-year-old boy and settles in to work for his family. At first, the good-natured Xiao Xiao finds it amusing to call this toddler, for whom she cares like a brother, "husband". But when, within a few years, her own sexuality is awakened in an affair with a village laborer, only tragedy can ensue.


Black Snow/Ben Ming Nian

China / 107 min / Mandarin / 1990

Direction: Xie Fei

Black Snow accounts the life of a young man discharged from prison on return to his his native Beijing he discovers that he has no family or prospects or friends, meanwhile his underworld contacts strive hard to drag him back into a life of crime. He attempts to make a good like with societal stagnancy around every corner.

Oil Maker's Family/Xiang Hun Nu

China / Colour / 105 min / Mandarin / 1993

Direction:Xie Fei
A woman in a small village in Hebei runs a small sesame oil business that becomes unexpectedly successful, she then her money to buy for her mentally disabled son a peasant bride. She engineers her son's marriage with Huanhuan, a peasant girl whose family is in dire financial straits.


India / Colour / 220 min / Marathi / 2003

Direction:Sumitra Bhave

After living in Mumbai for forty years, Dr. Bhaskar Narayan Deshpande, a Magsaysay Award Winner, decides to return his native village and build a hospital at the place of the ruins of his home, to appease his family’s guardian spirit..

Night of Silence / Lal gece

Turkey / Colour / 92 min / Turkish / 2012
Direction: Reis Celik
In a remote Anatolian village an ancient blood feud between two families has been finally put to rest and a marriage arranged to seal the union. The groom has spent many years in prison and has never met his teenage bride. On their wedding night there are customs and rituals to be observed but the events in this bridal chamber become ever stranger as the claustrophobic night reaches a shattering conclusion. A sensitively told tale with two brilliant performances at its heart.

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