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Seven Malayalam films in the Malayalam Cinema Today.

A off-day Game/ Ozhivudivasathe Kali

Malayalam / 2015
Director: Sanal Kumar Sasidharan






On an election holiday, five friends meet in a resort deep in the jungles to spend a day drinking and merrymaking. They come from different backgrounds and professions, but they have only one aim – to enjoy life for one day far from the hassles.

Birds with large wings / Valiya Chirakulla Pakshikal

Malayalam/ English/ French / 2015
Director: Dr.Bijukumar Damodaran










The film is based on the tragedy occurred in Ksaragod .Consequent on the spraying of Endosulfan,a highly toxic pesticide produced serious ill effects to the people and environment.The film depicts the aftereffects throug the eyes of a photographer.

Nirnaayakam / Nirnaayakam

Malayalam / 2014
Director: Prakash V K










The story revolves around Ajay, who decides to leave NDA, comes home to Kerala, to his ailing father, who is also fighting a case against a social issue. After the whole experience with the society, Ajay goes back to NDA and becomes a proud soldier.


Pathemari / Pathemari

Malayalam / 2015
Director: Salim Ahamed






Pathemari showcase the survival journey of gulf Keralities. The movie is all about an NRI named Pallickal Narayanan. Narayanan is the responsible brother who takes care of his family selflessly. He spends 50 years of his life in the Gulf to secure his family. Movie depicts the three various life stages of Pallickal Narayanan, which is set in the backdrop of 1960 to present.

The Eye/ Ain

Malayalam / 2014
Director: Sidhartha Siva







Ain discusses the relationship between individuals and society, by suing the Muslim community in theMalabar area in Kerala as the backdrop. It traces the life of Maanu, a Muslim youth who cannotidentify where he belongs, and his grandfather is the only one who understands how tormented hefeels. One day he witnesses a murder and flees because of fear. The film unravels how Maanu adaptsto society after that incident and how he is influenced by the characters that he comes across in life.

Wind and Rain / Kattum Mazhayum

Malayalam / 2015
Director: Harikumar R







Valayil Maliyekkal Abdul Rehman Haji,a rich business man is diagnosed with a malignant tumour in his liver. The only possibility for a cure is a liver transplantion. The perfect match would be aclose relative’s liver.None of his chilren becomes ready to donate their liver. Hajiyar is already seventy .But he does not want to die now as he has some commitments towards his late son’s daughter.Jayanarayanan Nambudiri who is a priest from a poor family becomes ready to donate his liver as he needs money to pay-off his debts.

Mundrothuruth / Munroe Island

Malayalam / 2015
Director: Manu P S








Keshu and his father come to their island home where the grandfather lives with a maid. Father wants to take Keshu to a mental asylum. Grandfather strongly rejects it. The old man and the maid enter a troubled sea as Keshu decides to stay.



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