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IFFK every year presents a cross section of movies made throughout the world. Following Films will be screened in this section of IFFK 2014.

Aces / Os Fenomenos

Spain / Colour / 103 min / Spanish / 2014
Direction: Alfonso Zarauza

A women comes back to her homeland left alone without a job she is forced to take the job a construction worker. With courage and an inherent sense of humour, she overcomes hardships and the realities of being a woman in an all-men world.

B for Boy

Nigeria / Colour / 90 min / Igbo / 2013
Direction: Chika Anadu

A 40-year-old Nigerian woman is expecting her second child as in the Nigerian lgbo cultural tradition, if a woman is unable to conceive a male heir, the husband is expected to take a second wife. With Amaka's mother-in-law breathing down her neck and a proposed second wife already invading the household, Amaka has a secret ultrasound. The joyous news of a baby boy is marred a short time later by the news thatthe child has died in utero.

Beatriz's War / A Guerra da Beatriz

East Timor- Australia / Colour / 105 min / Tetun- Bahasa / 2013
Direction: Bety Reis & Luigi Acquisto

The haunting, passionate story of one woman’s conviction to remain true to the man she loves and the country for which she fought. Sixteen years after Beatriz’s husband disappears during a brutal massacre by occupying Indonesian forces, she is troubled by his mysterious return:is he the young man she had lost or is he an impostor?

Bethlehem / Beit-Lehem

Israel-Belgium-Germany / Colour / 99 min / Hebrew-Arabic / 2013
Direction: Yuval Adler

Unlikely bond between Razi, an Israeli secret service officer, and his Palestinian informant Sanfur.

Bird People

France / Colour / 128 min / French / 2014
Direction: Pascale Ferran

Two strangers are trying to make sense out of their lives, an American engineer under professional and emotional pressure who decides to radically change the course of his life, and a young hotel chambermaid who faces a life altering supernatural experience.

Black Coal, Thin Ice / Bai Ri Yan Huo

China / Colour / 106 min / Mandarin / 2014
Direction: Diao Yinan

Discovery of several corpses made in a small town and an attempt to capture the alleged murderer leaves two police officers dead and another injured. The surviving officer is suspended from duty. Five years later another mysterious murder occurs. Zhang finds out that a young woman is associated with the mysterious deaths following her he fall in love with her.

The Blue Room / La Chambre Bleue

France / Colour / 76 min / French / 2014
Direction: Mathieu Amalric

Married man Julien is conducting a passionate affair with pharmacist's wife Esther. But their commitment to the relationship is unequal, and her obsessive desire proves dangerous for Julien and those close to him.


Clouds of Sils Maria

Germany-France-Switzerland / Colour / 123 min / English-French-German-Swiss German / 2014
Direction: Olivier Assayas

At the peak of her international career, Maria Enders is asked to perform in a revival of the play that made her famous twenty years ago. But back then she played the role of Sigrid, an alluring young girl who disarms and eventually drives her boss Helena to suicide. Now she is being asked to step into the other role, that of the older Helena.

Coming Home / Gui Lai

China / Colour / 111 min / Mandarin / 2014
Direction: Zhang Yimou

Released during the last days of the Cultural Revolution, he finally returns home only to find that his beloved wife has amnesia Unable to recognize Lu, she patiently waits for her husband’s return. A stranger alone in the heart of his broken family, Lu Yanshi determines to resurrect their past together.

Corn Island / Simindis Kundzuli

Georgia-Germany-France-Czech Republic-Kazakhstan-Hungary / Colour / 100 min / Abkhazian-Georgian-Russian / 2014
Direction: George Ovashvili

The old man builds a hut for himself and his teenage granddaughter in an island, he ploughs the earth and together they sow corn. As his granddaughter blossoms into womanhood and the corn ripens, the old man is confronted by the inescapable cycle of life.


India / Colour / 116 min / Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati / 2014
Direction: Chaitanya Tamhane

The corpse of a sewage system worker is found under a manhole in Mumbai. An old storyteller is accused and indicted of instigation to suicide. As the trial moves forward, the private lives of the people involved in the case are examined.


Ethiopia-USA / Colour / 99 min / Amharic / 2014
Direction: Zeresenay Berhane Mehari

A 14year old Ethiopian girl is kidnaped on her way home from school by a group of men. The brave Hirut grabs a rifle and tries to escape, but ends up shooting. In her village, the practice of abduction into marriage is common and one of Ethiopia’s oldest traditions. Meaza Ashenafi, an empowered andtenacious young lawyer, arrives from the city to represent Hirut and argue that she acted in self-defence.

Field of Dogs / Psie Pole

Poland-Switzerland- Italy / Colour / 96 min / Polish-Turkish / 2014
Direction: Lech Majewski

Adam (Michael Tatarek) is a man with a scar on his face and death in his past. A former professor of literature, he works in a supermarket, drives the streets at night and tries hard not to feel the pain of his beloved’s death. But alongside tragedy is grace: as Adam drifts through a park he is followed by an angel; in a magically lit forest he meets ghosts; in a desolate apartment he floats in the air, making love with a beautiful woman. It is Dante’s masterpiece that brings back some meaning to Adam’s life and overcome the death of his beloved woman.

Fires on the Plain / Nobi

Japan / Colour / 87 min / Japanese / 2014
Direction: Shinya Tsukamoto

In the final stages of World War II, the occupying Japanese army in the Philippines is rapidly losing ground. The Americans attack mercilessly with their superior firepower, until all that remains are corpses, body parts and chunks of flesh. Tamura roams the jungle, which has been transformed into a hell on earth, piles of bodies everywhere. Extreme fatigue numbs his mind, and he and the handful of other survivors are transformed by hunger. Nagamatsu offers him meat from a ‘monkey’ he has caught. When Tamura realises that Nagamatsu is actually hunting the surviving Japanese soldiers, not monkeys, to feed himself, he crosses into a realm where there are no friends,no enemies and no God.

Flights of Fancy / Hirngespinster

Germany / Colour / 90 min / German / 2014
Direction: Christian Bach

Hans, the once celebrated architect is suffering from schizophrenia, and visibly becoming more afflicted, and violent. It is Simon who essentially runs the household as his mother works long hours, and takes care of little sister Maya. When Simonmeets the pretty and quick-witted Verena, he falls head over heels in love for the first time. And even though she is a hospital trainee, he refuses to tell her the truth about his father. Simon, while hoping to lead a normal life with his father, also fears that he might one day inherit the illness. Torn between his growing affection for Verena and his love for his increasingly unpredictable father.

Foreign Body / Obce Cialo

Poland-Italy-Russia/ Colour / 117 min / Polish-English-Italian-Russian / 2014
Direction: Krzysztof Zanussi

Angelo and Kasia met in Italy in the Focolare Movement where their love and faith in God brought them together. Their relationship is broken by the girl’s return to Poland and her decision to enter the convent. Angelo arrives in Warsawin order to persuade Kasia to change her mind.

Friends from France / Les Interdits

France, Germany, Russia-Canada / Colour / 100 min / French-English- Russian -Hebrew / 2013
Direction: Anne Weil & Philippe Kotlarski

The film follows young engaged couple Carole and Jerome on a vacation to Odessa. They’re cousins but pretend they’re engaged. In the day, simple tourists, they visit monuments and museums. In the evening, they slip away from the group and secretly meet “refuseniks”, Jews persecuted by the Soviet regime for wanting to leave the country. Together they explore an underground world, which is cruel and absurd and filled with dark undercurrents.

Futuro Beach / Praia do Futuro

Brazil-Germany / Colour / 107 min / Portuguese- German / 2014
Direction: Karim Ainouz

Donato works as a life guard patrolling the spectacular but treacherous Praia do Futuro beach. Diving into the sea after two men caught in the undercurrent, he saves Konrad, a German vacationing in Brazil, but Konrad's friend is lost to the sea. While waiting for the body to resurface, a bond grows between Donato and Konrad and the initial sexual sparks give way to a deeper, emotional connection. The two men find themselves falling in love and Donato decides to leave everything behind to follow Konrad to Berlin.

Goodbye to Language / Adieu au Langage

France / Colour / 70 min / French / 2014
Direction: Jean-Luc Godard

A foundering relationship between a man and a woman set in an apartment — is rendered infinitely complex by a volley of images and citations, and a succession of eye-confounding 3D effects.

The Great Passage / Fune o Amu

Japan / Colour / 133 min / Japanese / 2013
Direction: Yuya Ishii

asdffddfdfPhysically clumsy and socially awkward Mitsuya Majime, feels comfortableonly within the confines of lexicography, if not in his boarding house. After struggling in a publishing company, he manages to land his dream job in the Dictionary Editorial Department, where he can use his talents to compile a new dictionary, called "The Great Passage.

A Cappella / Han Gong-Ju

South Korea / Colour / 112 min / Korean / 2014
Direction: Lee Su-Jin

Korean teenage Girl doesn’t know why she is send away from her home town. After the incident, 17 year – old Han Gong- Ju is sent to the large port of Incheon. She was taken by her teacher to stay along with his mother from her small village where she grew up.

Happily Ever After / Ljubavna Odiseja

Croatia-Netherlands / Colour / 83 min / English- Croatian / 2014
Direction: Tatjana Bozic

Happily Ever After is a film in which the film maker herself searches for the reasons why all her love affairs always end on the rocks. To find out the answers Tatjana visits five ex-lovers in Moscow, Hamburg, London and Zagreb. With a good dose of self-mockery, but also with deeply felt passion.

Hill of Freedom / Jayuui Eondeok

South Korea / Colour / 66 min / Korean / 2014
Direction: Hong Sang-Soo

Kwon have returned to Seoul after a restorative stay in the mountains. She is given a packet of letters left by Mori , former language school colleague. Two years earlier she had turned down his proposal, but unable to forget her, Mori is determined to win back the woman he loves.


France / Colour / 91 min / French-English- Arabic / 2013
Direction: Boris Lojkine

Leonard a young man from Cameroon tries to rescue a Nigerian woman named Hope from the deep Sahara desert, they try to get to Europe. In a fiercely hostile world where safety requires staying with one's own people, these two try to find their way together, and to love each other.

Labour of Love / Asha Jaoar Majhe

India / Colour / 84 min / Bengali / 2014
Direction: Adityavikram Sengupta

Two ordinary lives suspended in the duress of a spiralling recession. Set in the crumbling environs of Calcutta, the film is a romantic recitation of human life. They are married to a cycle of work and domestic routine and long stretch of waiting in the silence of an empty house. They share each other’s solitude in pursuit of a distant dream that visits them briefly every morning.


Russia / Colour / 141 min / Russian / 2014
Direction: Andrey Zvyaginstev

Leviathan owns a prosperous auto-repair shop. The corrupted Mayor of the town, wants to take away his business, his house and his land. The Mayor being more aggressive, Kolia calls his friend Dmitri, a lawyer from Moscow, to help him, unaware that this would change his life forever.

Lock Charmer / El Cerrajero

Argentina / Colour / 77 min / Spanish / 2013
Direction: Natalia Smirnoff

Sebastian a locksmith doesn’t believe in committed relationships. And when the word came through that his girlfriend Monica is Pregnant and the child might be his, Sebastian’s life takes on a new course.

The Longest Distance / La Distancia Mas Larga

Spanish- Venezuela-Spain / Colour / 113 min / Spanish / 2013
Direction: Claudia Pinto Emperador

Longest Distance talks about two extremes of a country:one violent and steeped in confusion and the other, a calm and beautiful natural paradise, home to earth’s oldest mountains. Two fearless journeys present an opportunity for the two main characters to discover each other at one crucial moment.


Colombia-France / Colour / 86 min / Spanish / 2014
Direction: Maria Gamboa

Mateo lives with his mother in a village surrounded by violent neighbourhood. His works for his uncle collecting extortion money. Uncle assigns him the task of infiltrating a local theatre group to find out its members’ political activities. Flowing and creative lifestyle of the people in the troupe. His new found admiration for the troupe leads him to a collision course with his uncle who pressures him to produce incriminating material on the artists.

Meetings with a Young Poet

Canada / Colour / 90 min / English / 2013
Direction: Rudy Barichello

Paul Susser, a young poet, meets his master, the great author Samuel Becket. The humble meeting develops into a complex friendship that spread through the rest of Becket’s life and which transformed Paul’s life forever.


Iran / Colour / 93 min / Persian- Italian / 2014
Direction: Nima Javidi

Amir and Sara are a young couple on their way to Melbourne to continue their studies. However, just a few hours before the departure of their flight, they are unintentionally involved in a tragic event.

Miss Violence

Greece / Colour / 99 min / Greek / 2013
Direction: Alexandros Avranas

On the day of her birthday, eleven-year-old Angeliki jumps of the balcony and falls to her death with a smile on her face. While the police and Social Services try to discover the reason for this apparent suicide, Angeliki’s family keep insisting that it was an accident.


Canada / Colour / 124 min / French / 2014
Direction: Xavier Dolan

A widowed single mom finds herself burdened with the full-time custody of her explosive 15-year-old ADHD son. As Diane tries to manage her son's mood swings at home, it's clear that she's not exactly serene either. As they try to make ends meet, the new girl across the street, Kyla, benevolently offers support Together, they find a new sense of balance, and hope is regained.

N – The Madness of Reason

Belgium–Netherlands–Germany / Colour / 102 min / French-Bambara- Dioula- Senoufo-Songhoy-Agni / Documentary / 2014
Direction: Peter Kruger

Raymond Borremans, who left Europe for Africa in the mid-20th century. He devoted his life to the creation of the first encyclopaedia of this other world, dreaming of eternal recognition. He died, however, having only reached the letter N. With his encyclopaedia incomplete, his restless spirit drifts around West Africa, caught between life and death, past and present.

Natural Science / Cienciasnaturales

Argentina –France / Colour / 71 min/ Spanish / 2014
Direction: Matias Lucchesi

Girl on the throes of becoming a woman feels the profound need to discover her true identity. She does not know who her father is and she is determined to find him, but her mother does not approve it. The hostility of winter in such a harsh place turns this desire into a real threat.

No One's Child / Nicije Dete

Serbia-Croatia / Colour / 97 min / Serbian / 2014
Direction: Vuk Rsumovic

In the early spring of 1988, hunters capture a wild boy among wolves deep in the Bosnian Mountains. The boy is given the name Haris, and sent to an orphanage in Belgrade. The care-taker Ilke, takes special care of the boy, who becomes inseparable with Zika, another boy from the orphanage. But Zika has to leave and Haris is once more left alone.

Norte, The End of History / Norte, Hanggananng Kasaysayan

Philippines / Colour / 250 min / Tagalog / 2013
Direction: Lav Diaz

The lives of three people take an irreversible turn when one of them commits a crime. Joaquin is failing miserably at providing for his family when his money-lender gets murdered. The crime is pinned on him; he is sentenced to life. In jail the misery and solitude he experiences would lead him, gradually and unexpectedly, to a spiritual transformation.

Obvious Child

USA / Colour / 83 min / English / 2014
Direction: Gillian Robespierre

Donna Stern pretty irresistible unapologetically lewd, warm-hearted girl drunkenly falls into bed with a nice young professional. Donna winds up an unexpected pregnancy. She is forced to face the uncomfortable realities of independent womanhood for the first time.

One On One / IlDae Il

South Korea / 122 min / Korean / 2014
Direction: Kim Ki-Duk

A girl is brutally murdered, but she won't be the only victim in this dark thriller directed by the untiring Kim Ki-duk. One of the seven culprits of this atrocious crime is kidnapped, tortured and forced to write a confession. When he's finally freed, he discovers that his other companions have met the same fate. And so he decides to find those responsible and hold them accountable.

Over Your Dead Body / Kuime

Japan / Colour / 90 min / Japanese / 2014
Direction: Takashi Miike

Over Your Dead Body unfolds within the walls of a theatre where a troupe of players are in rehearsals for a production of Yotsuya Kaidan, a 200-year-old tale of murder, betrayal, and phantasmagorical vengeance, and where life comes to imitate art in spooky ways.

The Postman's White Nights / Belye Nochi Pochtalona Alekseya Tryapitsyna

Russia / Colour / 90 min / Russian / 2014
Direction: Andrei Konchalovsk

'The film focuses on the lives of the inhabitants of a remote Russian village. The only way the villagers can reach the mainland is by crossing a lake by boat. Only a few people live there, and they all know each other well. The villagerslive just the way their ancestors did for centuries – they only produce those things they need for their survival.

The President

Georgia-UK-French-Germany / Colour / 118 min / 2014
Direction: Mohsen Makhmalbaf

A dictator comes face to face with the people he previously subjugated. The President and his family rule their land with an iron fist, enjoying lives of luxury and leisure at the expense of their population's misery. When a coup d'état overthrows his brutal rule and the rest of his family flees the country by plane, The President is suddenly left to care for his young grandson and forced to escape.

Return to Ithaca / Retour AIthaque

France / Colour / 95 min / Spanish / 2014
Direction: Laurent Cantet

Return to Ithaca tells the story of five friends who gather to celebrate the return of Amadeo after 16 years of exile. From dusk to dawn, they reminisce about their youth, the group they used to form, the faith they had in the future and their disappointment. The group represents the middleaged Cubans those who struggle to make sense of whathas happened to their lives and their dreams. Once artists and dreamers, now bloodied but unbowed by the travails of adult life the friends represents of youth who lost their dreams at Castro’s Cuba for various reasons.

Revivre / Hwajang

South Korea / Colour / 89 min / Korean / 2014
Direction: Im Kwon-taek

Mr. oh Sang-moo (Ahn Sung-ki) is a senior executive at a major cosmetics company. He is an extremely loyal husband who took great care of his wife when she battled cancer. But after four years she lost her fight and Mr. Oh proceeds with the funeral arrangement. Soon after that his home is filled with guests and his subordinates. Among them is Choo Eunjoo, his young female subordinate whom Mr. Oh finds very attractive and has deep feelings for.

The Search

France / Colour / 134 min / English - French-Russian - Chechen / 2014
Direction: Michel Hazanavicius

Hadji loses his parents when the Russian forces attack Chechnya in 1999. He traverses the countryside along and is eventually found by an American Red Cross worker but she fails to make him speak to her.

Son of Trauco / Hijo De Trauco

Chile / Colour / 93 min / Spanish / 2014
Direction:Alan Fischer

Jamie is a 14 year old boy who wants to leave his home at Punta Chucao and become a poet He is the laughing stock among his friends for being the son of Trauco whom they all believe is a mythological midget with superhuman sexual prowess. Sceptical by nature, Jamie is undaunted by these ridicules meted out at him. He doesn’t believe all these myths about his father and sets out on a journey to find the truth. With him is Violeta who is a year older than him and thinks exactly the opposite - the myths are in fact true. Now as they travel through the world they have to untangle the reality from imagination.

Stations of the Cross / Kreuzweg

Germany / Colour / 107 min / German / 2014
Direction: Dietrich Bruggemann

14 year old Maria belongs to fundamentalist Catholic community. Maria lives her everyday life in the modern world, yet her heart belongs to Jesus. She wants to follow him, to become a saint and go to heaven – just like all those holy children she's always been told about. So Maria goes through 14 stations, just like Jesus did on his path to Golgotha, and reaches her goal in the end.


Jordan-Qatar-United Arab Emirates-United Kingdom / Colour / 100 min / Arabic / 2014
Direction: Naji Abu Nowar

Theeb deals with the adventurous journey of two brothers who belongs to Bedouin tribe in a forgotten corner of the Ottoman Empire. Having recently lost his father, it falls to Theeb’s brother, Hussein, to raise him. Hussein tries to teach Theeb the Bedouin way of life, but the young boy ismore interested in mischief than mentorship.


France-Mauritania / Colour / 97 min / French-Arabic-Bambara-English-Songhay / 2014
Direction: Abderrahmane Sissako

'Herdsman Kidane (Ibrahim Ahmed) has had a peaceful life. He and his small family comprising his wife Satima, their daughter Toya and 12 year old orphan Issan lives in the desert The jihadists takeover every aspect of their lives; banning everything they thought inappropriate for the religion and their courts issuing absurd and brutal sentences. Women become mere shadows while even the soccer game turns illegal..

Track 143 / Shiyar 143

Iran / Colour / 92 min / Farsi / 2014
Direction: Narges Abyar

Olfat who lives in a remote village with her son and daughter. Their peaceful life is shaken when Olfat’s son disappears in the war. The film is about the long wait of Olfat for her son’s return.

The Tree / Drevo

Slovenia / Colour / 90 min / 2014
Direction: Sonja Prosenc

A family who cannot leave their home. They are safe as long as they stay behind the walls of their home. Imprisoned in their own house, the youngest in the family, Veli, is desperate to escape the walls. the dreams of these children to be free and the sheer numbness of the imprisonment intersect and a final decision seems inevitable.

The Tribe / Plemya

Ukraine / Color / 132 min / No dialogues / 2014
Direction: Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy

A deaf mute teenager enters a specialized boarding school where, to survive, he becomes part of a wild organization – the Tribe. . Balancing regular activities of bribery, robbery, and prostitution with youthful proclivities, Sergey's new-found clique operates along the fine lines between business and pleasure, adolescence and adulthood.

Two Days One Night / Deux Jours, Une Nuit

Belgium-France / Colour / 95 min / French / 2013
Direction: Jean-Pierre Dardenne & Luc Dardenne

Sandra (Cotillard) has Just returned to work after recovering from a serious bout with depression. Realizing that the company can operate with one fewer employee, management tells Sandra she is to be let go. After learning that her co-workers will vote to decide her fate on Monday morning, Sandra races against time over the course of the weekend, often with the help of her husband, to convince each of her fellow employees to sacrifice their much-needed bonuses so she can keep her job. With each encounter, Sandra is brought into a different world with unexpected results in this powerful statement on community solidarity.

Under the Starry Sky / Des Etoiles

France / Colour / 86 min / French-Wolof-English / 2013
Direction: Dyana Gaye

Examination of the African diaspora and the often fractal nature of contemporary emigration. Young Sophie travels from Dakar, Senegal to Turin, Italy to join her husband Abdoulaye, only to find he is long gone and she that she must fend for herself.

What’s the Time in your World? / Dar Donyaye to Sa’atchandast?

Iran / Colour / 101 min / Persian / 2014
Direction: Safi Yazdanian

On a sudden whim Goli decides to return to Iran after 20 years of living in France. She lands in Rasht, her home town, located in the north of the country. Farhad, a frame maker by trade, comes to welcome her. He seems to know her well, but the young woman has absolutely no recollection of him.


USA / Colour / 106 min / English / 2014
Direction: Damien Chazelle

Andrew Neiman is an ambitious young jazz drummer, single-minded in his pursuit to rise to the top of his elite east coast music conservatory. Plagued by the failed writing career of his father, Andrew hungers day and night to become one of the greats.

Wild Tales / Realtos Ralvajes

Argentina-Spain / Colour / 122 min / Spanish / 2014
Direction: Damian Szifron

A demolition engineer, a cook and a waitress in a godforsaken roadside diner, a nonchalant businessman in hostile country, a pair of newlyweds at a posh wedding, and a millionaire enjoying amicable relations with both his family and his employees. A six character centre story moving swiftly

Winter Sleep

Turkey-Germany-France / Colour / 196 min / Turkish / 2014
Direction: Nuri Bilge Ceylan

A small village, Half-empty, in the wintry off-season. The film follows a local celebrity, Aydin - an actor who runs a small hotel with his wife - who is toying with the idea of producing a book on Turkish theatre. Like all the villagers, Aydin has time on his hands a close look at Aydin's interactions with his wife, his recently divorced sister, and a family of locals who are tenants of one of his properties. The smug self-image of a man who considers himself of elevated stature, but is ultimately brought face-to-face with who and what he truly is.


India / Colour / 105 min / English-Hindi-Bengali-Tamil / 2014
Direction: Abhinav Shiv Tiwari, Anu Menon, Hemant Gaba, Nalan Kumarasamy, Pratim D Gupta, Q, Raja Sen, Rajshree Ojha, Sandeep Mohan, Sudhish Kamath & Suparn Verma

'Eleven Indian filmmakers with disparate styles of filmmaking have come together to make different parts of the same film A filmmaker in mid-life crisis, meets a mysterious young girl. She reminds him of his first girlfriend and of every woman in his life. Is she real or imaginary? A stalker or a ghost? His past catching up or a character from the script he is writing? Each episode, directed by a different filmmaker.
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